Enterprise Manager

Jump right in and take control. BlueTie’s Enterprise Manager feature allows you to manage all of your employee’s BlueTie accounts from one centralized location. From resetting passwords to adding and deleting accounts, you can do it all. Account management has never been so easy!


Add & Delete Users:  Create new users or delete accounts with just a few clicks. Make a mistake? Don’t worry, cancelled accounts can be viewed and restored for 30 days from the time of cancellation.
Divisions: Time to branch out! Create subdivisions to help you distinguish between office locations or even departments. Move users into the appropriate sub-division and let the sub-divisional enterprise managers take charge of their employees.
Domain Management: With BlueTie you can manage your own domain directly through the application. You can request new domains, remove existing domains, and even add & remove aliases for all users.
Mailing Lists: Who gets what? By creating mailing lists through the enterprise preferences menu, you can allow multiple users to send and receive email coming from the same address. Add and delete users from a mailing list quickly and easily to accommodate your company’s needs.  
Global Preferences: Use the enterprise section of the preferences menu to set the defaults for your entire enterprise. Modify your enterprise junk mail settings, security settings, contacts sharing, and even billing information from one main menu.
User Preferences: Need to get more specific? No problem. By clicking on a username you can modify individual user settings including application access, passwords, junk mail settings, or even email aliases without making changes to the entire enterprise.


Enterprise Manager vs. Sub-Divisional Managers:
- The main Admin has rights to manage the entire enterprise while sub-divisional administrators only have access to modify users within their division and any sub-divisions below it.
- The main division can only have one Admin while all sub-divisions have multiple admin capabilities.
Enterprise Manager Access:
- All enterprise manager functions can be accessed directly though your BlueTie account. No separate login is needed.

Q & A

How do I access Enterprise Manager?

As the Admin, you can access Enterprise Manager by clicking on the Enterprise Icon at the top of the application. Enterprise preferences can be accessed through the main preferences menu of the application located at the top right hand corner of the application.
How do I create a user?
By selecting the ‘create account’ button you are instantly provided with a setup wizard to walk you through the creation process.
How do I delete a user?
Need to delete an account? No problem. Simply check the box next to the user you wish to delete and select the ‘delete account’ button. You can even select multiple users and delete them all at once.
How do I reset a user’s password?
From the enterprise section of the application click on the ‘View Accounts’ button and then on the user you wish to edit. From the user profile screen, click on the ‘Security Settings’ button, enter the new password, and click ‘Save’.
How do I add or remove email aliases for specific users?
To modify a user’s email aliases simply click on the user from the View Accounts screen, and then on the ‘Email Alias’ button within the user profile screen. To add an alias, select ‘new alias’ and type in the desired alias. To set this as the default alias for the user simply check the ‘Set As Default’ button before saving. To remove an alias, click on the ‘Remove alias’ button and click save.