MX Record

What is an MX record?

MX stands for "mail exchanger," also known as a Mail Relay record. When you attempt to send a message to your email address (, the MX record tells other sites where your mail should be sent. This is similar to how website addresses & DNS records work. In fact, an MX record is part of the DNS record and indicates to servers where to go to locate your website.

Contact the domain hosting company to point the MX record to:

To point the MX record using our partner site:

1) Log in to your Account Manager.

2) Under the Domain Names section, select Manage Domains.

3) Select the domain name you want to modify using the check boxes. Your Domain Details display on the right of the page.

4) Expand the Total DNS Control section.

5) Click Total DNS Control And MX Records.

6) In the MX (Mail Exchangers) section, click Edit next to the MX Priority you want to change or click Add New MX Record to add a new MX record to your zone file.

7) Once you have made your changes, click Continue.

8) Verify your changes and click Update.

Please contact the domain hosting company for further information on configuring the MX record.

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