Sharing Enterprise Contacts

 Enterprise contacts can be shared with any user, as long as the user has sharing capabilities.

To Manage Sharing for Enterprise Contacts:

    1)  Click Preferences and select Share Enterprise Contacts under Enterprise.

    2)  Exapnd the All Contacts group to view shared users and their access levels.

    3)  Click Edit Sharing.

    4)  To share with a user or group, select Add users/groups.  Select or enter users/groups you wish to share with and their access level from the drop-down menu.  Click Save when complete, and Update.

    5)  You can modify Sharing access on the Edit Sharing page by indicating Read-only (default), Modify, or Full Access.

    6)  Click Update.

Access Levels:

    Read-Only:  Users are able to view enteprise contacts only.  They will not be able to edit or delete the enterprise contact.

    Modify:  Users have the ability to modify user-defined fields, display name, and assign contacts to groups.

    Full:  Contains all the functionality of the modify access level and additionally allows users to delete contacts.


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