Password Requirements

Enterprise Managers can modify security settings for there enterprise including password requirements and  timeout settings.  

Set Password Expiration Requirements by Division:

    1)  Go to the Enterprise icon and select View Divisions.

    2)  Select Modify next to the division you wish to change.  You can set the password expiration to a certain amount of days or never require a password change.  These settings can be applied to this division and all sub-divisions. 

    3)  Click Save Settings.


Set Password Requirements in the Enterprise Preferences:

    1)  Click Preferences menu and select Edit Security Settings.

    2)  Choose the minimum characters required (set to 6 as default, no less than 5 character limit).

    3)  Indicate in the check boxes whether passwords should contain numeric or lowercase/uppercase letters.

    4)  Click Update.


Set Password Requirements on a User-by-User Basis:

    1)  Click the Enterprise icon and select the user your wish to modify.

    2)  Go to Security Settings.  Set password preferences.

    3)  Click Save.

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