Division Settings


Many preferences can be set for a single division in the Modify Divisions page.

To Access:

    1)  Go to the Enterprise icon.

    2)  Click on View Divisions.

    3)  Select the division you wish to modify by clicking the Modify button.  If you wish to apply the changes to all subdivisions, click on the Modify button next to the highest division possible.

***The following settings are customizable from this screen:

Division Name: Set the name of the division you are working with.

Default Plan: To set the appropriate email plan for users in this division, select Set Default Plan and choose the appropriate plan. 

Auto-alias new users: To automatically assign a user's alias upon creation, click  Enable Auto-aliasing.   Choose the appropriate domain to be aliased and the division it should be applied to (this division or all sub-divisions as well) and the format of the alias.  Click Save Settings.  To learn more, click here.

Managers: To assign a user as a manager of a division, click Add Manager and select a user from the list given.  You may have multiple division managers, but only one Enterprise Manager in the top-level division.

Password expiration: Select Modify.  You can set the password expiration to a certain amount of days or never require a password change.  These settings can be applied to this division and all sub-divisions.  Click Save Settings.

Session timeout: Select Modify.  You can set the timeout session in minutes up to 999 minutes, and restrict your users from changing this setting by checking the box marked "Users cannot change this timeout setting".   You can also apply this to a single division, or this division and all sub-divisions.  Click Save Settings.

Manage Users: These settings can be configured for the managers of this division.  Restrict or allow certain permissions by checking the box of the ability that should be allowed.

Application Access: Features can be customized for users in this division.

    4)  Click Save Changes.


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