Frequently asked questions regarding the Divisions in Enterprise Manager.

Can I modify user password settings?


You can set the password requirements in each Division, or in the top Division, and apply the rules to all users.

1)  Go to View Divisions through the Enterprise icon.

2) Click the Modify button next to the Division you wish to edit, or select the top division to apply the settings to all users.

3) Under Security Settings, you can configure the Password Expiration by clicking Modify. You may set the frequency of days that users are required to update their password, or never require a password update.  You may apply this to one division or all sub-divisions. Click Save Settings to apply.

4) Under Security Settings, you can configure the Session timeout frequency (in minutes, up to 999 minutes) and whether or not users can choose this themselves ("Users can not change this setting" to restrict).   You may apply this to one division or all sub-divisions. Click Save Settings to apply.

Can settings differ between Divisions?


Yes.  You can apply Password and Session timeout requirements in a division, or apply it to all divisions.  You may also configure auto-aliasing and the default email plan for all users in a division and sub-division.

Features can also be included or excluded by division.  If you click on a division to modify, you can assign managers and set a profile for a division.


How do I setup an additional Enterprise Manager?


There can only be one Enterprise Manager in the top-level division.  Sub-divisions may have multiple managers, and their abilities may be restricted if needed.

The following features are available to top-level Enterprise Managers only:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Management of Enterprise Contacts
  • Ability to assign sub-division managers


What are Divisions?


Divisions are an organizational tool available to the Enterprise Manager.  If you would like to set up your company, divided into locations (for example, "East Coast" and "West Coast"), this is the ideal place to indicate your users in a hierarchy, and assign apprpriate controls to Division managers, and users belonging to that division.

What can Division managers control?


Division managers have the ability to manage users in their division or sub-divisions beneath them.  They must be assigned as a manager in the Modify screen of a division, by their Enterprise manager who may restrict certain management abilities.