Disable Email Scanning

Norton Antivirus 2003, 2004, 2005
1.) Exit any email programs that are running
2.) Start Norton AntiVirus. If Norton AntiVirus is installed as part of Norton SystemWorks or Norton Internet Security, then start the program.
3.) Click Options
4.) If you see a menu, click Norton AntiVirus
5.) In the left pane, click Email
6.) In the right pane, uncheck Scan incoming Email and Scan outgoing Email
7.) Click OK
8.) If you are running Norton AntiVirus 2005, then in the Protection Alert dialog box, on the drop-down menu, click Permanently, and then click OK

McAfee Security Center (Virus Scan 8)
1.) Right click the McAfee VirusScan 8 icon from the system tray
2.) Select Open Security Center from the menu.
3.) Click the VirusScan icon from the right-side of screen
4.) Click Configure Virus Scan Options
5.) Select the Active Shield Tab
6.) Un-check the box that says Scan email and attachments
7.) Click Apply and close window

Trend-Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security
1.) Right-click on the blue and white pill in the system tray and choose Open Main Console
2.) Click the Anti-virus icon (If using PC-Cillin Antivirus then select Email from the right side of the window)
3.) Click Mail Scan
4.) Un-check Scan incoming messages retrieved using supported email clients
5.) Click the Apply button
6.) Click the Outgoing tab and uncheck Scan outgoing messages retrieved using supported email clients 
7.) Click Apply
8.) Close the PC-Cillin and restart the email client