Managing My Contact Information


Edit and Email your contact information.

Editing My Contact Information

To edit your contact information:

1)  Click on the Contacts Application

2)  Click the Actions dropdown

3)  Click Edit My Information

4)  A new window will open (you may need to set your browser to allow popups for

5)  Make any desired changes to your information

6)  Click Save (located in the top-right of the window)


Emailing My Information

 To Email my Information:

1) In the Contacts application, highlight the Contact(s) you wish to send your vCard to.

2) Select the Actions drop-down menu and Email My Information.  Select whether you wish to send you Personal, Work, or All information.

3  ) A new email will automatically attach your information and the Contact's email address.


 To Automatically Append a Vcard to your Outgoing Emails

1) Click on Preferences> General Email settings

2) Under Composing Emails you will see an option to 'Automatically Attach Contact Info'.

3) Select the information you would like sent (Work, Personal, All)

4) Click Save