Cannot Import Contacts

How to Import Contacts:

Step 1: Verify that the file being imported is a .CSV file
Step 2: Remove any irregular characters from the filename (%, $, #, etc)
Step 3: If file was exported from Outlook, verify that the file was exported in the .CSV (Comma Seperated Values Windows or DOS) format
Step 4: Click the Contacts icon,located at the top of your BlueTie application
Step 5: Click the Actions button located on your Contacts toolbar
Step 6: Choose Import/Export Contacts within your Actions drop-down
Step 7: Click Import - You may import contacts in CSV (Comma-Separated Value) or vCard format.
You may also upload a Zip file that contains these files. (Refer to the Sample CSV File)
Step 8: Select a file from your computer, Select a group to import into
Step 9: Import the selected files, click Import